23-08-00 – Popkomm-Rückblick

ZOSH!-Playlist: Mittwoch, 23. August 2000

Cradle Of Filth – Black Metal
Metallica – The Thing That Should Not Be
Trespass – One Of These Days
The Almighty – La Chispa De La Muerte
Mötley Crüe – 1st Band On The Moon
Gurd – Bedlam (Reinschmecker)
Dark Tranquillity – Haven
Thorium – Crypts Of Chaos
Deicide – Standing In Flames
Exciter – Brutal Warning (Neuvorstellung)
Fatered – Let All Behind

** Triple Oldie Treat: Summer Revolution 85!

Beefeater – Song For Lucky
Gray Matter – Burn No Bridges
Rites Of Spring – For Want Of

King’s X – Charlie Sheen
Fates Warning – So
Dark At Dawn – Within The Light (Konzertrückblick)
Subway To Sally – Liebeszauber (Konzertrückblick)
Sacred Steel – Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate
Nightwish – She Is My Sin
Zeke – Now You Die
Beans – Cant Back Down (Neuvorstellung)
Konterbande – Raumpatrouille Orion (Neuvorstellung)
Suicidal Tendencies – No More No Less (Neuvorstellung)
Pantera – Goddamn Electric
Sterile Noiz Klan – Anybody Realize?

** Die Popkomm im Rückblick

Soundsurgery – Syndustry
Spermbirds – Stronger
16 Hell Ventiler – Hard Rockin – She Satisfaction